Major Upgrade to Client Agreements!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier April 26, 2021

We are very excited to announce a major upgrade to Client Agreements in Time To Pet! As you may know, Time To Pet has always supported a "Portal Policy." The Portal Policy was a great way to add your service agreement or other important information that you wanted your clients to review and e-sign for your business.

As Time To Pet has grown, and our customers have grown, we've seen a lot of feedback that a single "Portal Policy" agreement is not always the best solution for gathering important e-signatures.

We are very excited to announce Client Agreements — a major improvement on the old "Portal Policy" tool in Time To Pet! This is a replacement for the portal policy tool and is now called Client Agreements to better reflect the purpose of this feature.

First off — Client Agreements support multiple different policies you can create for your business. For example — want to capture an e-signature on your Service Agreement, your Vet Release Form, and your Key Handling Agreement? Now you can! Client Agreements can now also be text-based (where you write your agreement in Time To Pet), or you can upload a PDF of your agreement!

Client Agreements Screenshot with PDF Option Enabled

With multiple agreements created, you may have some clients that need to sign one agreement but not another. For example — do you have some clients who do overnight services and need to sign a different agreement? Now you can with Client Agreements!

Client Agreements Screenshot Showing Required By Some Clients

We've also made some major improvements to how Agreements are managed on a client's profile. You can now choose which agreements are required from the sidebar. We've also added an "Agreement Status" button under a client's profile to quickly see which agreements have been signed, which need to be signed, and the ability to download any executed agreements.

Client Agreements Screenshot of Client Profile Button

For more information on our new Client Agreements feature, check out our help center!

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