Making the Pet Parent Experience Easier in Time To Pet

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier September 29, 2021

Our next couple of features are built to make the process of using Time To Pet even more accessible as a pet parent. First up is a new tool in the Client Portal to make it easier for your clients to navigate the portal, and more importantly, to see and complete their action items. We are very excited to announce a new Client Portal homepage.

Pet Parent Portal Homepage Updates

The new Client Portal homepage mimics the Client App experience for your pet parents. Instead of their first landing page being the Conversation Feed, pet parents will now see a Client Portal homepage when they login to the portal.

The new homepage provides better navigation and direct links to all of the essential areas of the Client Portal, like the Conversation Feed, the Scheduling section, and Invoices. Most importantly, we’ve made it much more obvious for pet parents to see when they have an “action item” in their portal.

Pet Parent Portal Homepage Updates with Notifications

For example - have a new pet parent client who hasn’t completed all of their required fields yet? Or a pet parent who has an invoice that needs to be paid? We’ve added notifications directly to the homepage cards so your clients won’t miss this information.

Next up is some new functionality to the Client App, making it possible for pet parents to submit a “partial payment.” This feature is great for any business that may require a deposit for services or for any pet parent that needs to make multiple payments.

When making a payment via the Client App, pet parents will now have the ability to edit the amount they would like to pay. From here, they can select a percentage of the total amount or a flat dollar amount. For example - your client can submit a payment for 50% of the total amount due or a payment of $100 on their $300 invoice.

We’ve got lots of exciting features coming soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

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