National Dog Day!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier August 26, 2015

Happy Dog Close Up

Here at Time To Pet — every day could be considered National Dog Day but August 26th is the actual designation! While you can celebrate today any way that you like, the people behind National Dog Day have laid out 20 ways to make this year’s celebration extra special. You can see the whole list here but a couple of our favorites are:

Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations.

Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog.

Brush your dog to eliminate excess fur.

Take your dog to the beach.

Most importantly — National Dog Day serves as a much needed reminder that there are many, many dogs in need of a good home. If you haven’t considered adopting before, today might be the perfect day to head to your local shelter and rescue your new best friend! Happy National Dog Day!

Photo by Takashi Hososhima / CC BY

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