New Feature Alert! Pet Parent Onboarding

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier March 7, 2022

With pet adoptions at an all-time high, we have seen incredible numbers of new pet parents hiring pet care professionals for the very first time. Ensuring that new pet parents have a positive and easy experience utilizing Time To Pet is critical for our team. Because of that, we are very proud to announce a new set of tools collectively called Pet Parent Onboarding!

Pet Parent Onboarding originated from our experience successfully onboarding new pet care businesses to the Time To Pet platform. We have taken the very best lessons we’ve learned and applied them to the pet parent experience in Time To Pet.

Pet Parent Onboarding includes an extremely simple, customizable workflow that you can enable for new pet parent clients. To enable Pet Parent Onboarding, look for the new settings section found in Client Settings -> Portal Settings.


The Pet Parent Onboarding experience you create for your business can be fully customized. For example - want to require your new clients update their info? Want to require new clients to add a payment method to their account? Want to customize a welcome message for new clients? Now you can using Pet Parent Onboarding!


After enabling and configuring your Pet Parent Onboarding experience, your new pet parent clients will be prompted to go through your custom flow the first time they access their account.


For more information on Pet Parent Onboarding and a complete breakdown of all of the options, please review our help doc!

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