New Releases from Time To Pet — Auto Approve Leads and more

We've been hard at work improving Time To Pet and over the next couple of days --- we will be announcing all of our new improvements and feature releases! Today, we will highlight four new releases aimed at making it easier to manage your business.

Auto Approve New Client Leads

First up is the ability to Auto Approve new client leads. In the past --- all new client leads would require Admin Approval before they were added to your Client List. Not anymore!

Now when adjusting the "Allow Clients To Create Accounts?" setting in Portal Settings you can choose whether or not New Client accounts require approval or are auto-approved. If set to auto-approve, these clients will be automatically added to your Client List after they submit your New Client Form.

GPS Tracking Time Stamps

Time To Pet has always allowed our customers to collect time stamps when an event has been started and completed. However, when tracking GPS coordinates for an entire event, there was no way to also include time stamps... until now! Now when you have GPS Route Tracking enabled for specific services, Time To Pet will also show you hover-able markers every three minutes that indicate time stamps. This helps you confirm not only the distance of a walk but also the pace.

Edit Event Notes and Add-on Services when Editing a Pending Request

Bulk Editing a Pending Request just got easier! Now you can also edit the event note and include Add-on Services right from the Edit Request screen!

Jump to Scheduler after Approving Requests

Immediately after approving a Service Order Request, you may want to navigate to the Scheduler to make some additional changes to those events. Now we show you a window that allows you to immediately "View On Calendar" as soon as you complete processing the request.

Be sure to stay tuned for more announcements over the next few days!

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