We are happy to announce a full re-design of our mobile application and the rollout of Push Notification support! This re-design brings with it a sleeker, more modern interface and improved performance to boot.

The update is available immediately on all Android devices and we are rolling out support for iOS devices in the coming days. The current notifications that are now also sent as a Push are:

  • Notifying a staff they are late to start or complete an event.
  • Notification of receiving a new message from an Office Manager/Administrator.

We will being releasing additional Push Notifications in the coming months. Note for apps being upgraded, to enable Push Notifications you must first logout from the App and then back in again.

You can now also add your Company's logo to the Mobile Application:

Head over to Settings -> Theme -> Mobile App to upload your custom logo.

Stay tuned for some more huge announcements in regards to our Mobile Application in the next few months!