Getting excited about the Time To Pet Happiness Score!

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk July 26, 2017

Gathering real-time customer feedback has always been a challenge for pet sitters and dog walkers. You may be "pretty confident" that your clients are having a great experience but sometimes it can be hard to tell. Well not anymore. Today we are announcing the Time To Pet Happiness Score!

The Happiness Score gives you a simple, low-friction way to capture that real-time feedback from your customers. Time To Pet also aggregates all the client feedback into the aforementioned Happiness Score for both your company and your individual staff members.

The Happiness Score can be used several different ways for your business. Of course --- it helps you keep track of how satisfied your customers are but it can also be used to determine which staff members exceed expectations and which clients may be great candidates to write a review.

How does it work? We'll, I'm glad you asked! After enabling the Happiness Score feature, Time To Pet will include a very small link with each post-visit report that gets sent to your clients via email or in their Client App. Your customer can then select whether they want to leave a positive, neutral or negative reaction to their visit. They can include comments on the visit there as well.

You can view all of your customer feedback and any comments in the Happiness Report. Time To Pet also creates a Happiness Score for your company and for individual staff members based on the client feedback. The score is on a scale of 0 to 100. Positive ratings add 100% of the total possible points to the score. Neutral ratings add 50% and poor ratings add 0%.

Be sure to check out our Help Doc on the Happiness Score to see how you can enable this for your company, how you can add some customization and to learn how your customers submit feedback.

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