In addition to the major improvements announced with Smart Services --- we've also made some upgrades to holidays in Time To Pet. Now when creating (or editing) a holiday --- you can set that holiday to be recurring (happens on the same day & same month of each year) or you can create a holiday that varies each year.

When viewing a holiday that happens on the same day & same month --- you will simply select the date for the holiday. For example --- Independence Day in the United States is a holiday that happens on July 4th of every year. You can set this holiday once and it will be automatically added to each every visit scheduled on July 4th forever.

The major improvement comes with holidays that don't fall on the same day each year. Memorial Day in the United States is always celebrated on the last Monday in May. This means the actual date changes. When creating (or editing) a holiday that has a date that varies --- you can now plan that holiday as many years into the future as you'd like.

Time To Pet will only add holiday fees for the actual day of the year identified here. No need to go back every year and update the holidays that vary each year!