Refund Payments from Time To Pet!

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk April 27, 2018

We are very excited to announce one of our more requested features - the ability to process payment refunds directly from Time To Pet!

Note: Processing refunds is limited to payments processed by WePay.

Historically - if you had to process a refund through Time To Pet, you would have to navigate to the payment processor’s dashboard and refund the payment from there. Now, refunds can be processed directly from inside of Time To Pet!

There are a couple different places where you can process a refund in Time To Pet. First - if you navigate to the WePay section in Invoicing, you’ll see a tab called “Payments”.

Each payment listed will have a “Details” tab. You can click the Details tab to see information on your payment and a button to initiate a refund.

You can refund the full amount or refund a partial amount. Just be sure to include a note in the “Refund Reason” section.

You can also refund a payment from the Edit Invoice screen. Just look for the payments at the bottom of the invoice and click “Edit” next to the payment you’d like to refund.

You will see a “Refund Payment” button on the bottom left.

And lastly - you can see a full list of payments a client has made from their “Client Balance Sheet”. Just click the “Balance” button beneath a Client’s Name on their Client Profile. You can edit a payment from here and refund the payment as well.

Refunding payments that were processed via WePay will initiate a refund to the client. Time To Pet will also adjust the original payment on our end to ensure the balance is correct.

You can also refund other payments (like payments made via Cash or Check) but this will only update the payment on Time To Pet’s end for your record keeping. The actual refund for non-WePay payments would need to be managed outside of Time To Pet. We will notify you of this when you process a refund on one of these manual payments as well.

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