Its that time again. Another week…another round of new features!

We really do value all of the feedback we get from our customers and love hearing about all of the innovative ways Time To Pet is being used to help you run your business. As all software products should, we are always evolving and adapting to fit the needs of you and your customers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch whether its to give us suggestions or just say “Hello”!

Required Fields

Time To Pet aims to be as flexible as possible. We know one company may collect different information than the next and with Custom Fields you can add your own fields and modify the ones that come with Time To Pet by default.

We are adding one more layer of flexibility with Required Fields. Setting a field as required will force your Clients to add a response to each Required Field. Both Client & Pet fields can be set as required.

Going even further you can even prevent clients from making Service Requests until these Required Fields are filled out. This is not enabled by default but can be quickly changed in your Portal Settings -> “Force Required Fields For Scheduling Requests”.

If a request is prevented due to an empty Required Field your client will be presented with the following:

The “Force Required Fields For Scheduling Requests” only takes into account a Client’s required fields. It does not check for missing required fields on each individual pet.

Bulk Approve Time Off Requests

As a company with Multiple staff we know how tedious it can be to go through all Time Off requests approving each one individually.

We have made this process a whole lot simpler by allowing Bulk Approving of Time Off requests. Simply select the rows to approve and hit “Approve Requests”.

Quick Color Selector on Calendar

As I’m sure you know you can configure your Calendar to color events based on the status of the event or by the sitter assigned to the event. It can often be useful to switch between the two options. Previously you would have to jump to the Scheduler Settings, click Save and then back to the Calendar.

There is now a quick selector in the bottom left corner of the calendar that drastically decreases the amount of time required to switch between the two options. No more page reloads. No more jumping to the Settings page.

Cancelled Event Color With “Color By Staff”

Lastly a minor change has been made to the coloring of events on the main Calendar. If your Calendar is configured to color events based on assigned staff there used to be no color differentiation between cancelled and scheduled events as the event was always displayed in the Staff’s color.

Now cancelled events will always be shown in the “Cancelled” color (dark grey) regardless of how you have the Calendar Color configured.