Send Happiness Score to Staff and Bulk Delete

Happy Friday! Just a couple quick updates to announce related to the Happiness Score and Bulk Updating events.

Update to the Happiness Score

When designing the Happiness Score --- we thought this feature would primarily be used as a way for an Admin to collect real-time feedback from customers. After some great real-time feedback from our customers --- we've improved the Happiness Score! Now an Admin can share that feedback directly with the corresponding staff member!

You'll notice a new "Share with User" button in the Happiness Score report to the far right of each review(this button may say "Share with Staff" if you user employees).

Clicking this button allows you to share the feedback the client sent with the staff member who was assigned to that event. You can also add your own personal note to the feedback as well!

Bulk Delete when Bulk Updating events

The Bulk Update tool is a great way to make changes to multiple events at once. For example --- Bulk Update is great if you had to change the assigned staff member for all of the events today or mark multiple events as "Cancelled". But what about if you wanted to simply delete events instead of marking them as "Cancelled"? Well, now you can!

You'll notice a new button at the bottom of the Bulk Update tool that allows you to delete the selected events.

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