Staff Documents

It is now possible to upload documents for each of your staff members just like you currently do for Clients. Each staff member can have any number of documents. All staff can access their documents from the Dashboard.

Look for the "Docs" tab on your Staff members profile.

Global Documents

Global Documents allow you to upload documents once and have them be available everywhere. No need to painstakingly upload the same Policy PDF to each client's account anymore.

Global Documents can be uploaded for both Clients and Staff. Look for the "Documents" link under Staff and Client drop-downs in the left sidebar.

Missing Key Report

The Daily Summary just got even more useful. The Missing Keys functionality will scan all events for the selected day and let you know which scheduled events do not have a key assigned to the responsible sitter.

This functionality is off by default so make sure to check "Show Missing Keys" to enable it. The system will remember your selection so you will only have to enable it once.

Quick Search on Mobile

Searching for Clients and Staff on the mobile website is now significantly easier. The same quick search available on larger devices is now available on mobile devices as well. Click the Search Icon to start searching now.

Smart Filtering and Sorting

Time To Pet is getting smarter! Many of the common components will now remember your selections and automatically select them on successive visits.

Always navigating to the Daily Summary and instantly switching to "Group By Block"? Always changing the page size on the Invoice List to 100? No longer with smart filtering and sorting!