Summer Referral Contest!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier June 25, 2024

Time To Pet's Summer Referral Contest!

This summer, Time To Pet will be hosting a Referral Contest for our customers! The company that refers the most businesses to Time To Pet in July and August will get a $1,000 referral credit. This is in addition to the normal referral credits you earn ($100 for each company that you refer)!


The companies that refer the second and third most customers will get $500 and $250 in bonus Time To Pet credits, respectively, in addition to the normal referral credits they earn. In addition, the top 5 referrers will all get a special Time To Pet swag pack!

To participate in the contest, all you need to do is share your referral link with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be thinking about using Time To Pet as their pet care software tool. As a reminder, Time To Pet offers solutions for in-home pet care businesses (like pet sitters or dog walkers) as well as facility-based pet care businesses (like dog daycares or boarding facilities).

How To Refer Someone To Time To Pet?

  • Step 1 – Navigate to the Billing section in Time To Pet to find your custom referral link.

  • Step 2 – Copy your link and share it with any pet care providers you know who are looking for pet care software (we have tools for both in-home and facility based pet care businesses). Be sure to remind them that they will get 50% off their first three months when using your link!

  • Step 3 – When your referral activates their account and completes their first paid month, Time To Pet will automatically deposit your referral credits into your account. You will earn $100 in credits for each company you refer!

  • Step 4 – Your referral credits are automatically applied to your monthly subscription fee! Watch your referral rank grow as you refer more companies to Time To Pet!


As a reminder - For each new customer that you refer to us who activates their account, Time To Pet will give you $100 in referral credits. Referral credits are automatically applied to your Time To Pet monthly subscription payment. In addition to you receiving referral credits, the company you referred will get their first three months at 50% off (in addition to our free trial). Talk about a win-win!

Check our some frequently asked questions about our Referral Program below:


When will referral credits be added to my account?

When the company you referred makes its first subscription payment, we automatically deposit the referral credits into your account balance.

Can I see how I compare to other Time To Pet companies making referrals?

Yes, you can! We include a breakdown of your "Referral Rank" in Billing that shows you where you rank in terms of referral credits earned.

How do I know if a company used my referral link?

You can see a complete list of the companies you referred in your Billing section. This includes information on whether they completed their first month and if the referral credits have been added to your account.

Is there a limit to the number of companies I can refer?

There is not! You can refer as many companies as you'd like. There is no limit.

What if I referred someone but forgot to give them my link?

Just have the company you referred email us at, and we will add you as the referral source!

As always, if you have any questions about referrals, just let us know!

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