Have you ever needed to set yourself a reminder for a specific task at some point in the future? Tired of leaving yourself sticky notes on your desk?

Tasks in Time To Pet are a versatile way to create assignable reminders directly in your Dashboard. A task has a description, an optional due date, an optional assignee and an optional client attached.

Tasks are now live. To get started navigate to a Client's Profile and click the "Add Task" button. For a full breakdown of how to use Tasks please visit our help article.

Image Gallery

The Conversation feature in Time To Pet is one of our most heavily used. Did you know that in 2016 our Customers sent their clients over 1.5 million pictures?

The new Image Gallery functionality allows you to see at a glance a full listing of all images sent to your Clients via the Conversation feed narrowed down by date range. This is a great way to find images for your next advertisement, brochure or social media post!

The new gallery functionality can be found from the Messages page.

Smaller Updates

  • Credits Applied Report. You can now run a report to see all credits given to clients over any time period. This functionality can be found in Reporting -> Payments.
  • Bulk Notification & Client Subscription Updates. Time To Support supports a large number of notifications. Turning them all on or all off at one time can be tedious. You can now check all or none with the click of a button. Similarly Client Subscriptions now lets you Subscribe/Unsubscribe to all with one click as well!

  • Payment on File and No Payment On File Filters. We have added two new filters available in Reporting -> Clients and Messages -> Email Clients allowing you to select only clients that do or don't have a payment method on file.

  • New Auto Invoice Date Options. We have added a new Automatic Invoice Due Date and Date Issued option in Invoice Settings, "1st or 16th Of Month". This will set the date based on the last service in the Invoice. If the service falls on the 1st --- 15th of the month, the date will be set to the 16th. If the service falls on the 16th through the end of the month, the date will be set to the 1st of the next month.