This week brings another round of feature updates. All of our feature updates are a direct result of requests and feedback from our customers. We are always looking to ensure Time To Pet excels at improving your business.

Time Reports

With Staff -> Time Reports you can quickly generate a summary and detailed breakdown of the total of time your staff have spent at their visits for any given date range.

The calculations can be determined based on three different durations: Service Default Duration, Scheduled Time or Check In/Out Times.

Bulk Reassign Keys

Bulk Reassignment of keys allows you to quickly and efficiently change the current location of multiple keys.

Lets say your sitter James Turner returns to the Office at the end of the day with 9 keys. Rather than manually reassigning all 9 individually, you can now change the location from “James Turner” to “At Office” with just a few clicks.

The Bulk Key Reassignment tool can be found on the Master Key List.

Minor Updates

We have also released some smaller, but no less important updates.

  • Bulk Invoicing previously had a limit of 30 invoices at one time. This has been increased to 250 invoices at a time.
  • Bulk Invoices can now be filtered based on whether they have been emailed or sent confirmations.

  • Clicking on a Time Off Request (whether from the Scheduler, Time Off Calendar or Staff’s Profile) will now present the original reason for the request.
  • A new filter has been added to Reporting -> Clients and Messages -> Email Clients allowing you to specifically exclude clients that have been marked as Inactive.