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Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier April 30, 2024

Here at Time To Pet, we work with amazing entrepreneurs who are all at different stages of their pet care journey. Some of our customers manage businesses with over 100 active staff members, and some of our customers are just starting their pet care companies. Some of our customers spend their whole day in the field walking dogs, and some of our customers offer pet sitting as a secondary source of income.

We are very excited to announce a new plan called Time To Pet Lite. Lite is designed to support pet care entrepreneurs transitioning to owning their own pet care business from working with on-demand apps, business owners just getting started on their pet care journey, or solo operators focused on their pet care business part-time.

Lite is a scaled-back version of our Solo plan (meaning it is designed for a one-person business with no additional dog walkers or staff members working with them) and is at a lower price point than our other plans. Pet care professionals can utilize Lite while they are growing their company. When ready for a more robust offering, they can switch to our Solo or Team plan for the full Time To Pet experience.


What are the differences between the Lite and Solo/Team plans?

The Lite plan is designed for a one-person business that is brand new to its pet care journey and does not have the same requirements as a more established pet care business. The cost of the Lite plan is $20/month.

The Lite plan is a scaled-back version of our core plans. This means that Lite does not have support for adding additional staff members, does not include our integrations (like Quickbooks, Texting, or Zapier), does not include marketing email campaigns, and does not include video support.

To utilize Lite, a pet care business has to also connect to Time To Pet Payments.

Apart from these differences, Lite has all of the other great features that make managing your business easy and provide a great experience to your clients, and includes access to our amazing support and onboarding teams!

Why do I have to connect to a payments account?

Our purpose with Lite is to help our customers who are just getting started to build healthy, sustainable businesses. Time To Pet has amazing data on how connecting payments can help a business grow. Customers who accept payments in Time To Pet see 7x as many tips as businesses that just accept cash or check. Tips are one of the best ways a new pet care company can generate additional revenue to help make its business sustainable and prosperous.

What do I do when I am ready to upgrade to the Solo/Team plan?

Upgrading your account is easy! When you are ready, you can upgrade your account to access all of the features and functionality available in our Solo or Team plan. You can upgrade directly in your Billing section or by contacting our support team.

If you have any questions about Time To Pet Lite, let us know!

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