Time Tracking and Mileage Tracking

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier April 29, 2020

Managing staff members can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a pet sitting or dog walking business. There are schedules to manage, training to be done, and lots of reports. You may even have to use a few different tools for all of this. Today — we are very proud to release two new features to help make this process easier for our customers — Hourly Time Tracking and Mileage Tracking!

Hourly Time Tracking is designed for those pet care companies that pay their staff members an hourly rate. With Time Tracking enabled, your staff can clock in and out of shifts, and you can run quick reports to see all of their shift data. Mileage Tracking makes it simple for your staff to track their mileage right from their Time To Pet staff app.

For detailed information on both Time Tracking and Mileage Tracking — check out our help doc on these features.

Let's dig a little deeper into each feature:

Hourly Time Tracking

If your business pays your team an hourly rate instead of, or in addition to a per-visit amount, Hourly Time Tracking in Time To Pet is made for you. You can enable Hourly Time Tracking right in your Settings section of Time To Pet. When enabled for your business, you can also choose which staff have the ability to track hourly time. This is a great tool for businesses that pay some staff members an hourly rate and some a per-visit amount.

As soon as you have enabled Hourly Time Tracking, your staff will be able to start and stop shifts directly from their mobile app or from the mobile website version of Time To Pet.

Time and Mileage Tracking Screenshot from Time To Pet App

After shifts have been recorded, you can view all of your Hourly Time Tracking data right in your Time To Pet account.

Example of Time Shift Reporting in Time To Pet

And shift data can also be included on a staff member's pay stub:

Pay Stub with Time Shift Data in Time To Pet

For more details on Hourly Time Tracking — check out our help doc!

Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking goes hand in hand with Time Tracking and can be enabled in the same section. Just like with Time Tracking, you can determine which of your team has access to the Mileage Tracking tools. After enabled, staff will be able to track their mileage from their Staff App or on the mobile website when starting/stopping shifts or at any point.

Mileage Tracking Screenshot from Time To Pet App

Mileage data can be found in the Time To Pet dashboard or directly from the Staff App.

Mileage Tracking History Screenshot from Time To Pet App

For more information on Mileage Tracking or Hourly Time Tracking — be sure to review our help doc.

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