Updates to Visit Report Cards

We have made a few changes and enhancements to the Visit Report Cards functionality that was announced last week.

Support for Multiple Visit Report Cards

You can now create more than one Visit Report Card . The additional Report Cards can then be assigned to specific services you offer.

For example the list of questions will likely vary based on whether a service is for Dog Walking or Cat Litter Box Cleanup. You can create a “Dog Report Card” and assign this to “Dog Walking”. Similarly you can create a “Cat Report Card” and assign it to your “Cat Litter Box Cleanup” service.

Customize Language Used in Text Message

If you have text messaging and Visit Reports enabled, you can now customize the messaging used in the text message containing the visit report.

Head over to Settings -> Language -> Visit Report Text Message to configure this now.

Ability to Hide ‘No’, ‘0’ and Empty Responses

We have changed the default behavior of questions that have an ‘empty’ value. Now by default these questions will simply be left out of the visit report delivered to your Clients.

An ‘empty’ answer is determined by the type of question:

Yes/No — ‘No’ is considered empty.

Count — ‘0’ is considered empty.

Multiple Choice — No answer is supplied is considered empty.

For example imagine the question “How many times did dog pee?”. If your sitter answers ‘0’, this question will now be left out of the report.

To change this behavior, edit the Question and un-check the “Hide Answer” option:

Message & Visit Report Order

In the first release the visit report was shown before any message and pictures that were also left with the visit. This has been reversed and now the message and pictures will be shown before the Visit Report.

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