Upgrades to Automatic Fee Stacking in Time To Pet!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier April 29, 2024

Here at Time To Pet, we are always looking at ways to help our customers better manage their businesses. Today, we've got a great improvement built to help make the process of managing your automatic fees easier! The upgrades to our Automatic Fee Stacking give you significantly more control over what automatic fees you charge your customers, and how your team is compensated for these fees.

Many pet care businesses charge additional fees for services that happen after business hours or services that happen on the weekend. But what happens for a service that happens after hours and on a weekend day? Now, your business has more control on managing these fees.


You can choose whether or not these fees "stack" (meaning both fees are charged) or you can decide to only charge one fee in these scenarios.

We've also got similar functionality for holiday fees! Some businesses may want to include after hours fees on holidays and others may only want to charge their normal holiday fee. Now you can control exactly how you want these fees to be applied for your business.

Lastly, you have more control in determining how your team is compensated for auto fees. You will notice a section in the Auto Fee Stacking settings where you can set rules for staff pay related to stacked fees.


To review and adjust your Auto Fee Stacking rules, navigate to the Auto Fees section when editing a service. We've also got some great help articles that review Auto Fee Stacking and how it impacts your Time To Pet account here:

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