Increasing Revenue With Add-On Services And Fees

You can grow your pet care business revenue with utilizing add-on services and fees!

Increasing Revenue With Add-On Services And Fees

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or operating a company with 50+ employees, your revenue stream is one of the most important metrics in your business. Raising your revenue without raising overhead costs is the key to wider profit margins. Here are some ways you can increase your company’s revenue without increasing your overall operating costs.


What Are Add-On Services

Add-on services are anything you offer your clients in addition to your primary pet sitting and dog walking services that increase the perceived value of your services but do not add significant overhead costs to your business. For example, most pet parents don’t enjoy taking their pet to the groomer or veterinarian for a simple nail trim or bath, especially if their pet gets car sick or becomes very anxious when visiting these types of places. If you were to offer nail trims or baths during a pet sitting visit or dog walk at a comparable or lower price than what your local groomers and veterinarians charge, you can save your clients and their pets a stressful trip, increase the perceived value of your services, and increase your revenue!

In addition to minor grooming services, here are other service ideas that can be completed during your already-scheduled pet sitting and dog walking services. These services require very little, if any, overhead and startup costs so you can start increasing your revenue right away!

  • Litter Box Clean Outs
  • Plant & Garden Watering
  • Poop-Scoop Service
  • Pet Transportation
  • Pet Food & Supply Pickup
  • Housekeeping Services

Note: Be sure to check with your business insurer to make sure any add-on services you decide to offer will be covered by your business liability policy.

What Are Add-On Fees?

Add-on fees are the costs added to your normal service rates that motivate you to accommodate certain types of service requests that are either “inconvenient” or require more time or work. For example, most pet sitting businesses offer their services 365 days a year, which means you and your staff must always be available to deliver services on major holidays. Just because working on holidays is a part of the job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compensated for it. Holiday fees are reasonable (and common) add-on fees that compensate you and your staff for providing services that most people prefer to spend with their family or friends.

In addition to holiday fees, here are some other common add-on fees that can be added to your standard service rates.

  • Extra Pet Fees
  • Medication Administration Fees
  • After-Hours Fees
  • Weekend Fees
  • Out-Of-Service-Area Fees

Did you know? With Time To Pet, you can have holiday fees, extra pet fees, after-hours fees, and weekend fees applied to your client invoices automatically!


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