Creating A Pet Sitting Referral Program

Your best source for finding new clients should be your existing customers!

Use Referrals to Grow Your Business

One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to use the power of your own customers. Clients are usually more than willing to share the good word about a local company that they love and the same is true for your pet care company. While clients are usually willing to do this with no incentive - it’s always nice to thank them and to be sure they know how much you appreciate referrals.


A typical referral program will provide your client some type of bonus when they refer your company. This may be a free visit or a $20 credit or you can even get creative with it and give them a t-shirt! While this structure definitely works - it’s always nice make sure the referral is “win-win.” How do you do that? It’s easy! Not only do you provide the client who referred you with a bonus but also provide the client who got referred a bonus too! It can be as simple as “Refer your friend and you will both get your next visit free!”

After deciding on a referral program - it’s important to make sure your clients are well aware of it. You can start off with sending an email blast introducing your new referral program (be sure to highlight the bonus they get!). Another great idea is to print out business cards (or use magnets) that highlight your referral program. Leave a couple of these with some of your best customers so they can give them out to their neighbors. Lastly - it’s really simple to include some verbiage on your referral program in your email signature, on your website or in your pet sitting software program!

After creating your referral program and letting your customers know - be sure to follow up with new clients to see where they heard about you. This part may seem silly but it is important. If they were referred (even if they didn’t mention it) - be sure to honor your program. Giving a free visit is a really easy way to make your new customer fall in love with your pet sitting or dog walking business and become the next referral engine for you!

Asking your new client where they heard about your business could be a great question to ask before the Meet and Greet.


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