Pet Sitting Business Startup Costs

Starting your pet sitting or dog walking business isn't as expensive as you would think!

Know the Costs Before You Start

Starting a new business is exciting. Especially when it is a business based on your passion. There is no doubt about that but it takes more than passion to be successful - it’s equally as important to have a firm grasp on your finances. One of the best ways to do this is to understand how much starting your business will cost.


While the costs of starting a pet care company will vary based on your company, your services and your location - this is a general list of the typical expenses.

LLC or DBA — $5 to $500+

Choosing your legal structure is one of the first business decisions you should make. There are a ton of options but for a business just starting out - either a DBA or an LLC tend to make the most sense. The costs vary depending on which type you pick but can be as little as $5. Check out Legalzoom (or many of the other great help articles available on the internet) for some more info on the right choice for you!

Bank Account — $0 to varies

Managing your money for your business is always easier when you have a dedicated bank account. Nerdwallet has a great tool to help you find the right bank account for you in your area.

Business License — Varies

Some states may require that you obtain a business license to operate your pet care company. Check out the Small Business Administration for more info on your state!

Professional Organizations — $0 to $285

There are a few professional organizations that can be incredibly valuable to a first time pet sitter (and a first time business owner). Two of the best ones are the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Insurance — $129+

Insurance for your pet care company helps protect you and your clients in case something goes wrong. We’ve actually put together a great guide to show you some of the basics of pet sitting insurance. The cost can vary depending on which company you choose so be sure to understand what you need and what they offer.

Website — $15 to $50

Building a website for your business is a must. While creating a website can be overwhelming - there are a ton of great tools that make the process really simple. If you are a little more tech-savvy, check out Wordpress. If you’d like the process to be as simple as possible - there are great tools like Wix and Squarespace that make building a website really easy. After acquiring your domain name, the costs can range from $5 to $50 a month or so.

Marketing Materials — $10+

Getting the word out about your business is essential. Business cards are a great, low-pressure way to share your company name and your contact information with everyone you know. Vistaprint makes designing and ordering business cards really simple! They also have lots of other great marketing pieces like pens, flyers and more!

Pet First Aid Class — $50 to $200

Becoming a Pet First Aid pro is a great idea for your new company. There are a ton of benefits. The most obvious is being able to handle emergencies but you can also market your experience and training to potential new clients. Pet Tech can help you find a class near you or you can also check out PetProHero which offers online classes!

Supplies — $5 to $10

A good dog walker always has a an ample supply of poop bags! You may also think about putting a spare leash in your car and maybe a couple treats too! All of these supplies can be grabbed from your local pet care store.

Pet Sitting Software — 14 Day Free Trial

It may seem too early to get software for your business but starting out with systems in place will make it much easier as you grow! Software also helps to impress your clients with an online portal, pictures, text messaging, visit report cards and much more! Check out our 14 day free trial to see how Time To Pet can help your business grow!

With everything included - most people can start their own pet sitting or dog walking company for less than $500. No wonder so many people are chasing their dreams and starting their very own pet care company these days!

> After starting your pet care business, be sure to have a solid plan to get your first couple clients.


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