What Is Pet Sitting Software?

Pet Sitting Software is a suite of tools built specifically for pet sitting or dog walking businesses!

What Is Pet Sitting Software?

At its core, Pet Sitting Software is a type of Field Service Management software built specifically for a pet sitting or dog walking business (or any pet care business that performs services "in the field" at their client's residence).


Some companies or pet care providers just starting out might use multiple tools to run their businesses. For example, they might use Google Calendar or a calendar book to manage their schedule. This allows them to see the events for the week and note any personal appointments down. Clients usually send an email, text, or call to see if their pet care provider is available for those days and times. Sometimes clients call in the middle of a walk, or while you're away for the weekend, or you might not have access to your calendar book at that moment.

Pet Sitting Software streamlines this process for you. Clients can request the days, times, and services they need. On your end, you'll be able to see this on your Scheduler and approve or deny the request or make changes to fit them into the schedule. If there are days you are not available, you can block full or partial days and even add an announcement to your client portal about the days you are not available. If your client messages outside of business hours, you can also set up an automatic reply, letting them know when you'll be in touch and processing their request.

Now, imagine there are even more nuanced things, like charging full price for cancellations made less than 24 hours before services are set to start. Your Pet Sitting Software can even automatically process the cancellation and charge the client for you. Or, perhaps you charge clients at the start of the week for all services that week; Pet Sitting Software can automatically charge client invoices on a specific day and time each week - no need to worry about chasing down payments!

Pet Sitting Software is a powerful tool to manage your business so you can spend more time growing your business.


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