Why Does A Pet Care Business Need Software?

There are many reasons a pet care pro may use business software!

Why Does A Pet Care Business Need Software?

This is a great question and one we actually see a lot! Two of the keys to growing a business are organization and time management. Pet Sitting software helps with both of these.



For one, keeping all client information and communication in one place is critical. Text messages, Facebook messages, emails, calls - all of these different places can make it extremely difficult to manage and easy to lose track of. Imagine all of your client communication, updates, schedule requests, and information all in one place. Clients have control over updating their own information at their fingertips at any time. No more last-minute messages about where to find the leash or where their new medication is stored after they’ve already left and are on the airplane.

Schedule requests are easily made in the client portal and the client app. On the Admin side, Software allows you to block out days and times when you’re not available. It’s also possible to restrict certain services to different schedule blocks. Clients are able to select the dates they need, and the service they need on those dates and request the times they need those services right through their portal and app. When the request comes through, the business owner can review it and edit it as needed. Once visits are approved, you can send an automatic confirmation email to the client and they’ll be able to check their schedule at any time. The need for them to check back in to make sure they have pet care covered is eliminated since they can see what they’ve requested and that you’ve confirmed it!

Time Management

Pet Sitting Software offers a range of “extras” to assist with time management One feature is the ability to schedule messages. You can schedule reminders about upcoming services with Saved Replies or Confirmations, reminders for clients to let you know when they’ve arrived home and even messages to request reviews after services have been completed.

Pet Sitting Software also offers excellent tools like “Tasks” which can be assigned to Admins and Office Managers to follow up about client onboarding or profile updates. And “Flags” which can be used on client and pet profiles. Flags are great for designating if there are cameras in a home, if a pet in the home is a door darter, or perhaps there’s only street parking available at that client’s home. Not only will you not have to remember all of these details, but the software will also take care of reminding you!

One of Time To Pet’s most powerful tools is Automatic Charging. This runs all invoices on their due dates and charges the clients’ payment methods on file. An automatic email is sent 24 hours prior to their invoice being charged and can even remind the client to add a tip if they like.

Imagine all of the different aspects needed to run a successful pet care business all rolled into one software and the amount of time you’ll get back to spend not only in your business but outside of it too!


Time To Pet is modern pet sitting software trusted by over 3,500 of the world’s most successful pet care companies. We help pet care professionals start, grow and manage their businesses.

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