Client Spotlight  -  Bandito Pet Sitting!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier July 13, 2015

Our next Client Spotlight is Bandito Pet Sitting based in Whitman, MA. Bandito is owned and operated by Elise Nesson and provides exceptional pet care to both Whitman and the surrounding communities. Be sure to check out Bandito on Facebook too!

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What caused you to get into pet sitting?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had three passions in life: music, travel, and animals. I entered college with the intention of getting a degree in Radio Production and I ended up graduating with an Associates Degree in Travel & Tourism. I landed a full time job in the travel field and was semi-fulfilled with where my life was. When the travel industry began it’s decline in 2006, I was laid-off. I decided to go back to school full time and started at UMass Boston about a month after being let go. I worked in the fitness center at school while working my way through the Exercise Science program. However, more than halfway through the program, I decided it was not a right fit for me and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies.

…I had no idea what to do with that degree. I just knew I needed something more than an associates degree if I was ever going to find a job! Much to my surprise, I found out that even with having received a bachelors degree, it was still nearly impossible to find a job. That’s when I found myself calling a temp agency to find me work, where I bounced around from temp job to temp job. This was not where I pictured myself to be at almost thirty years of age!

I decided to do some soul searching and get back to figuring out “what makes Elise happy”…music, travel, and animals. I did extensive research on different types of jobs involving animals and the more I read about the world of professional pet sitting the more I fell in love with the idea! I immediately began applying to doggie daycare’s and boarding kennels so that I could start to gain experience in the professional setting (over what I already know from owning my own pets). I landed a part-time job working at a kennel in Cohasset which also provided daycare, so I was trained and exposed to anything and everything pet related. At the same time, I also started Bandito Pet Sitting part-time and continued my research on what I needed to do to turn it into a full-time career. I’ve been full-time with my own business 3 years now!

What is the most fulfilling part of owning a pet sitting business?

I believe the most fulfilling part is the flexibility of my schedule and determining what services I want to provide and who I want to provide them to. When I first got started there really wasn’t much flexibility, but as I continue to grow I am able to not only meet the needs and demands of my clients but also the needs and demands of myself and on my terms.

Picture of Pet Sitter Elise Nesson

What is the most challenging?

The most challenging part is definitely the bookkeeping side! My parents have run their own business since 1979 with my mother keeping track of all the bookkeeping and my father doing all the labor. So in starting this business I have been trying to pick each of their brains and get the best of both worlds so I can handle everything on my own but the bookkeeping is definitely still a challenge.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I see my service area expanded and Bandito Pet Sitting having 1–2 employees, not including myself. I am possibly looking to hire someone as soon as 2016! I would also like to expand my services offered to include pet photography sessions, group walks, and training sessions.

What has TTP changed the most about how you run your business?

Time to Pet has been an amazing change that I have made to my business. The client portal interface is so user friendly and inviting that I believe clients are booking services at twice the rate as before…they just enjoy the easiness of it so much! Also, now that I have incorporated credit card processing through your system I have also seen a dramatic spike in sales. I absolutely love everything about Time to Pet so far and I look forward to seeing new additions to the system in the future!

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