Keeping Track Of Vaccinations

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk January 8, 2019

For many pet sitting and dog walking businesses, keeping track of their clients’ pet vaccines is a no-brainer. It provides peace of mind, reduces risk and can be a nice way to contact clients and provide additional value to them. Now - you can track all of the vaccinations inside of Time To Pet!

Vaccinations is a new tool that allows you to create all of the vaccines you would like to track for your customers. Time To Pet provides lots of notifications and reporting so you are aware when vaccinations are about to expire (or are past due) and we make the process of saving vaccination records and updating the due date a breeze.

For more information on all of the ways you can create, track and monitor vaccinations, read our vaccinations help doc.

To get started, look for the “Vaccinations” tab found in Pet Settings.

Vaccinations Tab In Pet Settings

From here, you can enable a vaccination reminder email (sent to your admin and office manager team) and create all of the vaccinations you would like to track.

List Of Vaccines Added To Company

After creating vaccinations, head on over to a client’s profile to add vaccinations to a pet profile. In the “Pets” tab of the client profile, you’ll notice pets now have a “Vaccinations” tab. Just click the “Add Vaccination” button, select the vaccination you’d like to track, set the due date and save changes.

Saving A Vaccination To Pet Profile

Vaccinations that are past due or due today will be highlighted in red. Vaccinations that are due within the next 30 days will be highlighted in orange. Time To Pet will also show you notifications for clients that have pets with past due (or upcoming) vaccination due dates. These include on the client profile, on the scheduler and when a client submits a pending request.

Past Due Notification For Vaccination In Pending Request

If you find yourself asking clients to update their vaccination records regularly, you may want to consider creating a Saved Reply for this!

When updating a vaccination, you can now add a document directly to that vaccine. This is most commonly used for a vaccination report from the client’s vet (or any proof of vaccination). Time To Pet will track the complete history of the vaccination everytime you upload a document or make a change.

View Of Updated Vaccine And History In Pet Profile

To make the process of saving documents even easier, we’ve also added a new tool! When a client sends an attachment via their conversation feed, you will notice a small “copy” icon to the far right of the attachment.

Button Used To Copy Attachment In Conversation Feed

Clicking this icon allows you to “copy” the attachment to the “Docs” tab on the client’s profile or directly to the Vet Records. This means you can instantly save attachments to a client’s profile without having to save to your PC or smartphone first!

Copy Attachment To Pet Vaccination Tool

Last up in vaccinations is reporting. The Pet List now includes a tab for “Vaccinations”. From here, you can run reports showing all vaccinations or just pets with missing vaccinations. You can filter by expiration date, vaccination type, and can sort each column by clicking on the header.

Pet Vaccination Report Found In Pet List

Vaccinations is a great new tool that can really help pet sitters and dog walkers stay more organized when it comes to tracking vaccines for their clients. As we mentioned, for more details on this great tool - check out our vaccinations help doc.

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