Revenue by Segment Over Time and Force Logout

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk October 26, 2018

This week, we have a couple new feature announcements to make. First up is a new report found in the Reporting section of Time To Pet called “Revenue By Segment Over Time”. As a quick reminder, Customer Revenue Segmentation allows you to filter your revenue reporting based on predefined segments. These may be Referral Source, Zip Code, Building Name or any custom fields you create. The goal is to be able to see your reporting metrics for a segment of your customer that shares some quality (like being in the same zip code) instead of for your entire client base.

Check our our Friday Feature Focus highlighting Segmenting for more info!

Our new “Revenue By Segment Over Time” report make it very easy to see how your revenue breaks down for each segment you’ve created. For example - if you wanted to see what zip code or what referral source had the most revenue this month, this report is perfect!

Friday Feature Focus Revenue By Segment Over Time

Our next feature release is a small tool that can make a big impact for your business. Every so often, you may need to ensure that a staff member is logged out of their Time To Pet account. The two most common reasons would be if a staff has misplaced their phone or laptop or if you are letting a staff member go and want to log them out prior to marking them as inactive (here is our help doc showing how to mark a staff as inactive). Now, there is a super simple way to do this.

Just navigate to the staff member’s profile in Time To Pet and click the blue “Quick Actions” button. From here, there is a new option to “Force Logout”.

Friday Feature Focus Force Staff Logout

Clicking this button will log that staff member out of all of their devices currently logged in to Time To Pet.

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