Staff Notification Updates & Adjust Events in Daily Summary

We are very excited to announce another round of updates this week! You may have noticed our major release surrounding Private Messages last week but today we are announcing a significant improvement to Staff Notification Updates and the ability to edit the staff and start time of visits in the Daily Summary.

Staff Notification Updates

Some brief background - in Time To Pet, staff members can receive notifications for only clients they are a preferred sitter (primary, secondary or tertiary) or for clients they are a preferred sitter for and clients they have been scheduled events for.

Some common feedback we got from our customers was “My staff member doesn’t need to get notifications about a client that they only had one scheduled visit for a month ago but they do need to get a notification for a client that has a visit scheduled tomorrow.” We took that feedback to heart and added new functionality to this feature.

You will now notice that in the “Staff Receive Notifications For” section in Company Settings - there is a new option that says “Staff must have a scheduled event for Client within:”

You can now choose whether your staff members receive notifications for clients that have a scheduled event anytime in the past or future (which is how this has always worked) or only for clients they have a scheduled event 1 day in the past and/or 1 day in the future, 2 days in the past and/or 2 days in the future or 3 days in the past and/or 3 days in the future.

For example - if you set this to “2 Days”, your staff members will receive notifications for the clients they are set as a preferred sitter for and clients they have a scheduled event for either 2 days in the past or an upcoming scheduled event within the next 2 days in the future.

Adjust Events in the Daily Summary

We have also increased the functionality of the Daily Summary page! You will now notice an “Edit” button next to the time of each event and next to the staff member for each event. Clicking on these edit buttons allow you to adjust the time and the assigned staff member.

Here is a screenshot of changing the time of an event from the Daily Summary:

And here is one for changing the assigned staff member:

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