Unlimited Preferred Sitters and Do Not Schedule List

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk November 7, 2018

Our next round of updates include two of our most requested features to help you better manage your clients! We’ve removed the limit of 3 preferred sitters per client and also created a “Do Not Schedule” list that you can create for each customer.

Unlimited Preferred Sitter and Do Not Schedule Sitter Tool on Client Profile

Unlimited Preferred Sitters

Historically, each one of your customers could only have three preferred sitters. We’ve heard from quite a few customers that three just isn’t enough. That’s why we removed this limit and now support an unlimited number of preferred sitters for a client!

If you didn’t see our feature release from last week, check out our blog on adding social media links to your Time To Pet account.

If you navigate to the Details tab of your client’s profile, you’ll notice a new tool where the old preferred sitters section used to be.

You can now add more than three preferred sitters to each customer by clicking the “Add Preferred” button.

Unlimited Preferred Sitter Tool on Client Profile

When approving a pending request or editing the staff member for an event, Time To Pet will clearly show you what number preferred sitter the staff member is.

Multiple Preferred Sitter Selection When Choosing Staff for Event

Do Not Schedule List

The Do Not Schedule List on a client’s profile is the opposite of the preferred sitters. This is a list of staff members that should not be scheduled for this client.

Do Not Schedule Tool on Client Profile

To make sure that any future events are not scheduled for someone on your “Do Not Schedule” list, we will add a warning at the top of the page when you add them to the list.

Do Not Schedule Tool Warning When Staff Has Future Events

When approving events, Time To Pet will clearly show you all of the staff members that have been identified as “Do Not Schedule”.

Do Not Schedule Sitter Selection When Choosing Staff for Event

And if you choose one of those staff, you will see a clear warning on the event.

Do Not Schedule Tool Warning on Event

For more lessons on scheduling and some helpful information on starting, growing and managing your business, check out the Time To Pet Academy.

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