Capture GPS Data For Your Visits

GPS allows your business to capture location data for your visits. GPS is entirely optional in Time To Pet and must be enabled for your business before any location data is captured. GPS data can include just check in/check out coordinates or the entire route for each visit.

Visit Details with GPS.png


Capturing GPS data when staff members complete visits allows you to have more transparency with your business. If a client ever questions you or a team member about their visit - you will be able to present verifiable proof that the visit was completed and your staff member was present.


Route Tracking

By default, Time To Pet only track GPS coordinates when a staff member checks in or out of a visit. However - you may want to track GPS for the entirety of the event for some services (like dog walking). Route tracking allows you to do just that! Time To Pet will put the coordinates together to create a map showing where your staff member went as well.

Mobile App GPS Time Stamp Configuration.png

Share With Client

All GPS data can be optionally shared with customers. If shared, clients can access the GPS information when they get their post visit report or can review it on an event by event basis directly from their Client Portal.

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