A common question we hear at Time To Pet is “Does my website need a blog?” For some pet sitting or dog walking businesses — the easy answer might be “No — blogging is for really big companies and is a waste of my time”. And that might be true for certain pet care companies. However — the adage “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” rings very true here. If you want your pet care company to grow and be a larger business some day — blogging might be an easy (and fun!) way to help achieve your goals.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of blogging for your pet sitting or dog walking business:

1. Makes it easier for customers to find you.

Every blog post that you write adds content to your website. When search engines are looking for results to show potential clients — they are looking for really great content. For example — if you write a blog post about the best dog parks in Milwaukee and someone with a dog searches “best dog parks in Milwaukee” — they may find your post! That person may also have a trip planned next month and is looking for a pet sitter too.

You can also share your great content on your social media properties. Let’s say your client Susan sees your blog post on great dog parks and shares with her Boston Terrier meetup group. Well it just so happens that a couple Boston Terriers’ parents are looking for a regular dog walker!

2. Help builds your credibility.

When potential clients are looking for a pet sitter — some of the most important things they need to know are how reliable you are, how professional you are and how much you truly care about what you do. A blog can help answer all those questions! Let’s say you wrote a blog post about why you require your entire team to be Pet First Aid and CPR Certified. That can really make the difference between you and a competitor.

3. Build on your existing client relationships.

In the pet sitting or dog walking world — you typically meet your human clients once and then you may never see them again. While you are always sending them updates and cute pictures — it’s important to continue to develop the relationship with them. On your blog — you can feature your “Pet of the Week” and then send the post to your client. Who knows — they may tell their neighbor about it and now you’ve got a new client!

4. Build relationships with partners.

One of the best sources of new clients for your pet sitting or dog walking business is other pet-centric businesses. It’s common to walk into a pet supplies store and see a bunch of business cards near the cash register. This is a great way to get your name out to pet owners in your area but why not take this relationship to the next level? You could write a great blog post about why you and your pet care company loves Sam’s Pet Supplies. Send a link to your article to Sam and ask him to share it with his network. Sam just may write a great article about your business too!

While blogging might not be for everyone — it might be right for your business. Just remember to be consistent and that quality is much more important than quantity. Don’t forget to have fun with it too!