Blog Post Ideas for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Owners!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier August 22, 2023

One of the best ways that a pet sitting or dog walking business owner can grow their business and engage with their customers is a blog. Your blog can help with your local SEO, help you connect with your customers (and potential customers), establish you as a subject matter expert, and can be a fun outlet for your creativity.


If you have yet to add a blog to your pet care business website, you should! We've got seven easy topics you can cover to get started, plus a few bonus topics to take your business blog to the next level. Let's dive in!

1. Review The Most "Pet-friendly" Places In Town

This topic can easily be an entire series for your blog. You can start with a list of the most pet-friendly restaurants, parks, stores, and adventures. You can then write individual reviews of your favorites. Be sure to take lots of pictures with you and your own pets enjoying these places. You may even find that potential customers who search "dog-friendly restaurants in your town" may end up on your website reading your review!

2. Highlight A "Pet Of The Week!"

This is an easy topic because you have so many good candidates! You can take a couple photos from one of your favorite clients and write up a quick blurb about why Fido is your pet of the week. You can even write a bunch of these at once and schedule them for the next few weeks! Just be sure to get permission from your clients. Many of our customers will include some language about using pet pictures in your marketing materials in your agreements.

3. Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Many of your customers (or potential customers) may be curious to know what it is actually like to be a pet care pro. This a great way to pull back the curtains and show them what you normally do in a day. Be sure to highlight how lucky you are to get to spend so much time with amazing animals.

4. Supporting Local Animal Shelters And Rescue Organizations

Any type of notoriety you can bring to your local animal shelters and rescues is win-win. If you spend some time volunteering at a local rescue, provide some insight into the type of support your favorite rescue needs. You may even get to interview some of the staff members. Be sure to add a link to the rescue to help them with their SEO. They may even share your post on their social media pages!

5. Build Awareness For Good Causes

There are so many important causes that you can help support. Time To Pet has a great blog post detailing all of the various Pet Holidays on the calendar. You can pick a few and write a blog about why they are important. A few to get you started - September is Pet-Sitter Education Month™ and October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.


6. Announce Your Referral Program!

Your blog is an excellent place to highlight your referral program! Using referrals is one of the most effective way to grow your business. Using your blog to spread the news about your referral program is really effective too! Be sure to review the benefits of the referral program and what your client's need to do to get rewarded!

7. Talk About Your Pet Sitting Software

For many of our customers, having intuitive software is a huge differentiating factor for their business. You can talk about some of the software benefits for pet parents. This includes transparency into their services, easy communication with you and your team, a convenient way to make payments, and amazing videos and pictures after each event!

Bonus Ideas

  • Pet Care Tips - Seasonal Safety
  • Training Tips - Mastering Basic Commands
  • Pet-friendly Destinations Outside Of Town
  • Pet Nutrition - How To Find The Right Diet
  • The Importance of Regular Vet Check-ups
  • Fun and Easy Homemade Toys For Pets
  • Favorite Pet-friendly Recipes!


By covering these engaging blog topics, you can provide valuable information to your clients (and potential clients), establish yourself as an expert in the field, and connect with pet parents on a deeper level. Remember to tailor your content to your audience's needs and interests. Local content is HUGE for a local business (and really important for your local SEO). Don't forget to engage with your readers through comments and social media. Happy blogging!

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