7 Blog Ideas For Your Pet Sitting Website

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier September 20, 2016


Have you added a blog to your pet sitting or dog walking website but are struggling to come up with ideas for posts? Don't worry --- finding good topics is one of the hardest parts of running a blog and you are not alone. We are here to help with some ideas!

1 - Review some of the most pet friendly places in your town.

This is a great topic that you can parlay into a few posts! Visit some of the most pet friendly places whether they be trails, a lake or even a restaurant and take lots of pictures!

2 - Highlight a "Pet of the Week"!

Snag a couple photos from one of your favorite clients and write up a quick blurb about why Fido is your pet of the week. You can even write a bunch of these at once and schedule them for the next few weeks!

3 - Announce your referral program.

Do you have a referral program where your clients get $20 when they refer a neighbor? Write a blog post about it and be sure to share with all of your clients!

4 - Review a pet friendly recipe with your four legged family members.

Do you have a favorite recipe for homemade treats? Share the recipe and your experiences cooking it. Be sure to take lots of pictures --- especially of your taste testers!

5 - Highlight some local petcentric businesses.

This is another great topic that can create a few blog posts. Do you know of a local mom and pop pet supplies store? Or a unique business that caters to pets? Write a blog post mentioning why you love their business and be sure to share it with them!

6 - Build awareness for a good cause.

April is not only Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month but also Heartworm Awareness Month. You can write a blog post highlighting why these are important causes and how your readers can help. Check out DogTipper's list of all pet holidays for some more ideas!

7 - Create some help articles highlighting how your clients use your pet sitting software.

Time To Pet has a great resource of Client Help Articles. You can share one of these help articles and add your own commentary on how your clients request services, pay invoices, activate their account and more!

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