Reliability Report, Client App Updates, and More!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier June 15, 2020

We've been hard at work and are excited to announce our next round of features! This week, we have a new report to track your team, some updates to the Client App, and a tool to help you send mass emails to the private channel. First up — our new Reliability Report!

Reliability Report

Making sure your team stays on time and on track is one of the most important parts of a growing pet care business. For large pet sitting or dog walking businesses, it can be really challenging to keep track of which staff members are most reliable. Time To Pet has just released a new report to make this process easy for you and your management team. This new feature is called the "Reliability Report" and it can be found in the Reports → Time section.

Screenshot of Reliability Report

After setting your date, range, and parameters, Time To Pet will produce a report showing you all of the events that started late, were cut short, or lasted too long (again, based on your parameters from above). If you need to perform deeper data analysis on this report, you can click the "Download" button to export a copy of this report to any spreadsheet tool (like Excel or Google Sheets). For more information on the Reliability Report — be sure to check out our help doc on Time & Mileage Reports.

Client App Updates

We've got two updates for the Client App this week. First off — we've expanded our Gift Card tool that we released a few weeks back and added support to the Mobile App. If you allow your customers to purchase gift cards, they can now do so right from their smartphone!

Screenshot of Gift Card tool on Client App

We've also made the process of downloading images from the Mobile App easier. If your client would like to download one of the photos you've sent them, they can now just touch and hold the image for a second. Time To Pet will then ask the client if they would like to download the image and save it to their device.

Send Mass Emails to Private Channel

Time To Pet has always provided a tool for your business to send mass emails to your clients. This is a great way to send company announcements, newsletters, or any types of messages. There may be some cases where you would like to send a mass email to your clients, but you don't want your staff members to see that email. You can now choose to "Copy to Private" when sending a mass email.

Screenshot of tool to send mass emails to private channel.

When selecting "Copy to Private" — Time To Pet will add the message to the Private channel, and any responses to the mass email will automatically be marked as private messages sent by your client.

To utilize the "Copy to Private" tool for mass emails, you will have to be be sure to enable Private Messaging.

Make sure to check out our last major feature release on Automatic Charging!

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