This is Part 2 in a series on “What is Pet Sitting Software?” Check out Part 1 on Scheduling and stay tuned for our future posts in the coming weeks!

The goal of any for-profit business is to make money. Without money, a business simply doesn’t exist. With a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking company, money is made by providing a service to your clients and invoicing them for those services. Client’s then pay the invoice and Adam Smith (the father of capitalism) rejoices! Seems simple enough,right? Not quite. If you use a standalone invoicing system then I’m sure you are quite familiar with the weekly or monthly process of counting up all of the events and re-entering them into your invoice generator. What happens if you miss one or count an event twice? Well, your client pays you the wrong amount unless they catch it and question you about it which is never a good feeling.

One of the major benefits of great Pet Sitting Software is the ability to take your invoicing and automate it. As we discussed in our last post — scheduling and invoicing should be intrinsically linked in a good software system. That means whenever you adjust your schedule — you are also adjusting the related invoice. For example — Suzy Smith usually has 5 visits per week and her bill is always $100. One week — Suzy has a big project at works and needs you to come for an extra visit. After you add the extra visit into your schedule — Suzy’s invoice is automatically updated to $120. No need for you to remember to charge Suzy extra — your Pet Sitting Software has got you covered!

What else should a good Invoicing system have? How about flexibility. For one client — you may want to give them a 10% discount but another client might get $5 off. One customer might need a custom line item because you had to pick up an extra bag of food for them and another might need their invoice due date to be pushed back a week. Things happen and your invoicing system should give you the ability to be as flexible or as rigid as you need to be.

The last part of the invoice equation is your client paying you. While getting paid can be a challenge — it’s important to make the process of getting paid as simple as possible. Think about this. Say you went to your local book store and they told you the only way to pay is to mail a check. Do you think they would get a lot of people taking books and not sending the check? Your invoicing system should also include a really simple and easy way for your clients to pay their invoice. Even better if you have the option to get paid via Credit Card, e-check, PayPal or traditional cash or check. Want to sweeten the deal a little more? Your Invoicing system should make it easy for your clients to leave a tip for a job well done as well!

Our next feature in our “What is Pet Sitting Software” series will highlight Client Management. Until then — happy sitting!