This is Part 4 in a series on “What is Pet Sitting Software?” Check out Part 1 on Scheduling, Part 2 on Invoicing and Part 3 of Client Management. Stay tuned for our future posts in the coming weeks!

As a new pet sitting business — you may not be as concerned about managing your staff as your business is probably just yourself right now. But as your business grows, hiring a great team is a very important part of building a great business. Pet Sitting Software can help your manage your staff to make sure they are as productive and successful as possible!

Just like on the Client Management side — pet sitting software will help you keep track all of all of the important information you need to keep on your staff members. That includes any emergency contact information that you may need. You should also be able to add a smiling picture of your new staff member too!

So fast forward a bit and you’ve hired some staff, they are in your system. Now what? Well the most important piece of staff management for a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking company is managing your staff member’s schedule. When you schedule an event for a client — you can select which staff member is performing the event. All of these visits should be easily accessible by your staff member — whether that be an email, a mobile application or a website (or all three!). Your staff member can then go out into the field and do the visits while marking them “Complete” in real time as well!

Another huge piece of Staff Management is making sure your staff members are compensated. If you are paying your staff hourly, the process is simple but in the pet sitting world — utilizing Independent Contractors or Employees who are paid a per visit amount (commonly referred to as Piece Work) make this process more complicated. Pet Sitting Software can help you track how much you owe your staff by calculating how many visits they completed, the rate per visit and the total amount you owe them!

Pet Sitting Software also makes the process of requesting time off easier. Staff members can log into their system, submit their request and you can review and approve!

Pet Sitting Software helps to organize your business and makes managing your staff a breeze and before you know it — you will have a staff full of walkers and sitters and a growing business!

Up next, we will visit some of the Pet Sitting Software “Extras” that can really take your business to the next level. Until then, happy sitting!