Building Your Pet Sitting Website - The About Us Page

The About Us page is where you get to tell your story.

The About Us Page

Your website is the perfect place to tell your story. Why you started your business and why you are the perfect person to care for your client’s pets. While this should be peppered around your whole website - the “About Us” page is the perfect place to go into detail.


First off - an About Us page is a page on your website where you tell your story. Hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker is an incredibly personal experience. Your clients are trusting you to not only care for their pets (who they consider members of their family) but also to enter their house when they aren’t home.

Check out our Academy lessons on the Services Page and the Contact Us Page for your pet sitting business website.

You can’t hire just anyone for this job and your About Us page is where you can tell them why you are the right person to be their pet sitter or dog walker.

So what makes a great About Us page? The short answer is it depends. You need your About Us page to match the general theme of your business. Are you selling super high quality care and customer service? Make sure your About Us page reflects that. Are you selling incredibly fast and easy scheduling? Make sure you mention why that is important to you. Do you have specific skills or experiences that make you really qualified to be a great pet sitter or dog walker? Be sure to highlight those.

There are a few key items that should be included though. Those are:

Your story. Why you chose to do this as your profession and what led you to make that decision. Was it because you needed pet care and couldn’t find someone you trusted? Was it because you grew tired of the corporate grind and wanted to follow your passion of animal? Be sure to let your customers know!

What makes you great. Are you CPR certified? Have you been doing this for 10 years? Do you volunteer at the local shelter on weekend? Be sure to tell your clients why you are the right person to take care of their pets.

A call to action. The whole point of your website is to get people interested in your services. Be sure to invite them to contact you and learn more. This can be as simple as “I’d love to learn more about you and your pets so give me a call if I can be of any help!”. You can even add a button or link that takes your client right to your “Contact Us” page!

Most importantly - have fun with it! A pet sitting or dog walking company is supposed to be fun and this is a great place to be creative and also show your clients how much you care.

For more resources to help build your website, check out our great Academy Lesson on how to create a logo and build a website for your dog walking business!


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