Building Your Pet Sitting Website - The Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page is where you close the deal!

Make it easy to get in touch

A website is a marketing tool and the ultimate purpose of it is to gain new customers. What’s the best way to do that? A strong call to action.

Different pages of your website have different purposes. The About Us page tells your story and your Services page describes what your company does. After your potential new clients have decided that your business might be right for them - you need to make it really easy for them to contact you. That is where your “Contact Us” page fits in!


Check out our Academy lessons on the About Us Page and the Services Page for your pet sitting business website.

As you probably figured out - the goal of your Contact Us page is to get your new customer to contact you. There are a couple different ways to do this but we will outline a few of the most common.

  1. Create an Embedded Contact Form. This is a form connected to your website (or your pet sitting software) where clients can answer some basic questions that give you the data you need. For example - you might ask them for their name, their phone number, their email and what type of services they are looking for. This give you plenty of data to contact them. Just remember that you want to contact them as soon as you can because they are probably looking at a few different companies!
  2. Add your contact information. List your phone number and your email address and let your clients shoot you a message. The downside here is that when you are in the field completing visits - it can be difficult to answer your phone and gather all of the necessary information you need.
  3. Link your social media pages. Your clients may want to see some social proof (reviews, pictures and comments from your clients) before they make a decision. Linking to your Facebook page, Instagram account, Yelp listing and more are great options.

The best Contact Us page usually includes some form of all of these options. For the clients who prefer you contact them - you have a short form. For the clients who want to contact you right away - they have your phone number. For those who want to learn more - give them the links to your social media pages!

For more help building your website, check out our Academy Lesson on creating a logo and website for your dog walking business!


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