Building Your Pet Sitting Website - The Services Page

Your Services page is where you can educate your customers about what type of services you offer.

Building Your Pet Sitting Website - The Services Page

One of the most important aspects of your website is educating your customers about the services your company offers. Do you focus on dog walking but don’t offer in-home boarding? Be sure to highlight that. Does your company have visits in 15, 30 and 60 minute increments? Be sure you mention that as well!


The “Services Page” may seem to be pretty cut and dry and in most cases it can be. However - it’s also a great opportunity to highlight how your business is different. A simple list of your services may provide the information your new client needs but it doesn’t help them decide what is the best option for them (plus - it’s boring!):

Sample list of services

Check out our Academy lessons on the About Us Page and the Contact Us Page for your pet sitting business website.

Take this opportunity to describe what your services really entail. Are they best for someone who has a dog that needs a mid-day walk? Do you really want your customers to consider your 30 minute visit? Are your cat visits different than your dog visits? Be sure to outline everything about your services to help your customer understand what they are picking:

Detailed service list

Lastly - be sure to keep the theme of your business. Is your specialty providing phenomenal customer service? Add that “All Services Include The Best Customer Service You’ve Ever Had!”. If your business is based on beating your competitors on price - highlight that here as well. Your Services Page is where you really show your customers what your business can do for them!


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