Social Media is a huge opportunity for pet sitting and dog walking businesses. Facebook helps you build social trust, Instagram helps you share great pictures of your clients and Yelp helps drive traffic to your business. Today, we are very proud to announce a deeper integration with many social media networks in Time To Pet!

If you're interested in learning more about using Facebook and Yelp for your business, check out our posts on Facebook for your Pet Sitting Business 101 and Yelp 101 for Pet Sitters.

You can now add your social media links directly to your Company Settings page. We currently support links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, LinkedIn and YouTube. After adding your links, Time To Pet will now display social media icons and links to your social media pages directly in your Client Portal in the footer.

Pet Sitting Social Media Icons

All of your social media icons in your Client Portal will be colored based on your “Footer Text Color” in the Theme Settings section. Be sure to check out our Friday Feature Focus article on Theme Settings for more info on how to customize your theme.

Pet Sitting Social Media Icons in Portal Footer

Additionally, all of your emails will include your social media links in the footer of your email!

Pet Sitting Social Media Icons in Email Footer

Keep in mind that the social media icons in your emails will be the standard social media icon colors so you may want to adjust your Theme Settings for emails to ensure you are using a neutral background color.