Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Frequency Discounts
Today's Friday Feature Focus is highlighting automated frequency discounts in Time To Pet!
Michael Grenier
March 16, 2018
Product Updates Staff Notification Updates & Adjust Events in Daily Summary
New functionality in Time To Pet! We've updated staff notifications and the ability to edit events in the Daily Summary!
Running Your Business Mastering the Meet & Greet
Here are some helpful tips for completing a successful Meet & Greet with your new pet sitting or dog walking client.
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Download Portal Policy Agreement
When you need a copy of the signed portal policy - just download it!
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - NYC Pooch
Our next Client Spotlight is shining on one of the most iconic and respected names in NYC Dog Walking - NYC Pooch!
Product Updates Introducing Private Messages
Time To Pet now has support for Private Messages between Clients and Administrators.
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - Always Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Providing pet care to the great people of Mobile, AL!
Product Updates Easily Add a Tip to a Paid Invoice!
We've made it simple for your clients to add a tip to a paid invoice from the App and the Portal!
Running Your Business Volunteering 101 for Pet Sitters
Volunteering at your local shelter has a ton of benefits. Gain experience, make connections and promote your business all while giving back!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - View Past Service Order Requests
Easily access past service order requests with this great tool!
Product Updates Updates from Time To Pet! New Conversation Feed Filters and more!
New Features From Time To Pet! Advanced filtering for the Client Conversation Feed, Messages and Packages
Product Updates Schedule Reports, Custom Template Due Dates and more!
Finishing up the week with some great new features!
Product Updates New Features from Time To Pet - Part 2
Our next round of updates include notification toggles and deleted event tracking!
Product Updates Some New Features from Time To Pet!
New updates including Visit Report Card enhancements!
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - Stable Hands Pet Care and Services!
Providing superior care to the pets of Virginia Beach, VA since 2015
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - On Paws Professional Pet Services!
Based in San Marcos, TX  - Stephanie and her team provide a plethora of pet care services!

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