Product Updates Automatic Charging
Automatic Charging fully automates payments in your Time To Pet account!
Kyle Thielk
June 8, 2020
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Redeeming Credit to Client's Account
This week's Friday Feature Focus will show you how to apply credit to a client's open invoice!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Adding Credit To A Client's Account
Credits are a great way to thank a customer for referring their neighbor or making good on a poor experience!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Using Bulk Invoicing to Apply Credits and Open Payments
Bulk Invoicing makes the process of applying credits and open payments simple and quick!
Running Your Pet Business Should You Grandfather in Old Pet Sitting Clients When Raising Your Rates?
After deciding to increase your rates - the next question is should you grandfather existing clients in at the old rates?
Product Updates Refund Payments from Time To Pet!
Payments made via WePay can now be refunded to your client's directly from Time To Pet!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Frequency Discounts
Today's Friday Feature Focus is highlighting automated frequency discounts in Time To Pet!
Product Updates Schedule Reports, Custom Template Due Dates and more!
Finishing up the week with some great new features!
Product Updates Some New Features from Time To Pet!
New updates including Visit Report Card enhancements!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Auto After Hours Fees
Automate your fees for working outside of your normal business hours!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Weekend Fees
Automatically charge extra fees for visits scheduled on the weekend!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Varying Holidays
Varying holidays let you plan holidays multiple years into the future!
Product Updates Recurring & Varying Holidays
Updates to holidays in Time To Pet! Now create holidays that vary each year.
Product Updates Introducing Smart Services in Time To Pet
Advanced functionality for after hours fees, weekend fees and frequency discounts!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Locked Invoices
Locking invoice is a great way to prevent any inadvertent changes being made to an invoice!
Product Updates Day 3 of New Releases — Improvements to Invoicing
Our last round of updates includes some major improvements to invoicing!