Managing Your Pet Business

Product Updates Upgrades to Custom Staff Rates
No two pet sitting or dog walking businesses are the same. That's why you can set custom staff rates for services and fees in Time To Pet!
Kyle Thielk
January 21, 2020
Product Updates Lots of Updates for December 2019!
We are wrapping up 2019 with some excellent new features, including percentage-based holiday fees, updates to event pop-ups, new schedule reports, and more!
Product Updates New Feature - Message Tags!
Our next feature helps manage your client messaging! Introducing Message Tags in Time To Pet!
Product Updates Client and Staff Flags - Now with Mobile App Support!
Our newest update makes it easy to identify important information - Clients and Staff Flags!
Product Updates Calendar Updates and Bonus Features!
Our next round of updates! New calendar tools, upgrades to the Message Center and a bonus feature!
Running Your Pet Business Pet Sitting Contract - What You Need To Include
A clear, well-constructed pet sitting contract is essential for any pet sitting or dog walking business.
Product Updates Event Started Notifications and Staff Profiles!
Our next round of feature updates makes Time To Pet even better for your customers!
Running Your Pet Business Cat Sitting Tips
Cat sitting can be a big part of your pet care business. Check out our tips on how to provide professional cat sitting services to your clients!
Running Your Pet Business Understanding Pet Sitting Certifications
Does a pet sitter or dog walker need a certification? That’s the question we answer in this blog!
Product Updates Saving Time With Saved Replies
Saved Replies are a great way to save and use the most common messages you send to clients!
Running Your Pet Business Guest Post - A Pet Sitter’s Hiring Process
An in-depth overview of the hiring process for Pet Sitting businesses.
Running Your Pet Business What is Pet Sitting Software? Wrap-up
Tying together all aspects of Pet Sitting Software to get a full picture.
Running Your Pet Business What is Pet Sitting Software? Part 5: Extras
While most Pet Sitting Software systems have many of the core functions — there are lots of other features available!
Running Your Pet Business What is Pet Sitting Software? Part 4: Staff Management
As a new pet sitting business — you may not be as concerned about managing your staff as your business is probably just yourself right now.
Running Your Pet Business What is Pet Sitting Software? Part 3: Client Management
One of the most important features of pet sitting software is the ability to keep track of all of your clients in an organized and efficient way.
Running Your Pet Business What is Pet Sitting Software? Part 2: Invoicing
With a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking company, money is made by providing a service to your clients and invoicing them for those services.