Product Updates New Feature - Message Tags!
Our next feature helps manage your client messaging! Introducing Message Tags in Time To Pet!
Kyle Thielk
November 5, 2019
Product Updates Calendar Updates and Bonus Features!
Our next round of updates! New calendar tools, upgrades to the Message Center and a bonus feature!
Product Updates Event Started Notifications and Staff Profiles!
Our next round of feature updates makes Time To Pet even better for your customers!
Running Your Pet Business How To Announce Your Pet Sitting Software
Just signed up for pet sitting software and curious how you share the news with your customers?
Product Updates Starred Messages
Keep track of the most important messages from clients or staff by using Starred Messages!
Product Updates Saving Time With Saved Replies
Saved Replies are a great way to save and use the most common messages you send to clients!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - System Notifications
System Notifications are a great way to see additional types of messages right in your client's Conversation Feed.
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Client History Tab
Keeping track of changes in a client's profile is easy with the Client History Tab!
Product Updates System Notification Messages + Updates to View Past Requests
Our next update includes a new type of notification message and the ability to see your "Unavailable Notes" for a service order request.
Product Updates Introducing Private Messages
Time To Pet now has support for Private Messages between Clients and Administrators.
Product Updates Images in Bulk Emails!
Our newest feature adds image functionality to bulk emails!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Message Approvals
Eliminate mistakes and type-o's when staff are sending updates!
Product Updates Push Notifications & App Re-Design
We've redesigned the Time To Pet App and added support for Push Notifications!
Product Updates Bulk Update Service Rates and Message Filtering
Increasing rates is now much easier in Time To Pet!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus  - Custom Messaging
Custom Messaging allows you to customize some of the communication that goes from Time To Pet to your clients.
Product Updates Email & Notification Upgrades
We have released some upgrades to our email notification system allowing for more insight into what is sent.